Meet the Crew: Amy P.

Meet Amy P. She is one of our new fitness instructors, but has years of experience in group fitness and teaching! From balancing a healthy diet as a mom and trainer, Amy brings a simple & realistic approach to health and fitness. 


1. What sparked your interest in fitness? How did your fitness journey begin?

Bottom Line: I love teaching, I love working out! These two worlds collide and here I am. 

I was a high school teacher and coach for 11 years and while I was there I tried to inspire my students and athletes the importance of nutrition and exercise. After I had Cole, I wanted to find a way to integrate my two passions without having to go back into a physical classroom, nor work full time. Group Fitness just seemed like the perfect fit for me.


3. What are your tips to stay motivated to eat healthily and stay fit?

I like to eat good, clean foods that are very basic and simple. And I drink A LOT of water! I need to eat more protein I have recently found out...all thanks to Glen! However, I like to drink wine or a Tequila/grapefruit occasionally, so I have to find a good balance.

4. What is your favorite 20-minute exercise circuit (for the days you are traveling and can't make it to class?)

If I do not have a place to workout, I am always up for a walk or run. Walking with my girlfriends is how we catch up! Some people do coffee, we walk.

5. Favorite post-workout meal or snack? 

I always try to have carrots, string cheese, or a ONE bar in my car so I am never starving.


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