Crush Together: Jake & Joe


Ready for another interview featuring a HH couple that crushes fitness together? See how Joe & Jake make time to workout together and how fitness has brought them closer. 

1. How has working out together bonded you as a couple?

Working out together has created a mutual habit of setting goals, both personal and professional. Pushing each other to achieve those goals has really helped shape the bond we have together. 

2. What do you love about working out together? 

The best part of working out together at Health House is the extra hour we get to spend together every morning before starting our work day. Even better is the fact that we get to accomplish a goal before most people even wake up. It makes for a great, positive start to the day. We love to see each other move up in our weight selections, do things we were once unable to do, and be there for one another. We also enjoy working out together when we travel. We make it part of our routine, even when we are on the road. We love having a hobby to share and a lifestyle to go with it. 


3. Rowing or Weights? 

Definitely weights. Strength training is the best way to increase metabolism for prolonged fat burn after a workout—and we’re all about that life. 

4. How was Health House impacted your relationship?

Couples who sweat together, stay together! Working out at Health House isn’t only about the work we put into the class, but it is also about how we choose to live our life outside of Health House. We truly believe in a holistic style of living and make sure to treat our bodies with plant-based foods and plenty of sleep, so we are ready to push ourselves in the gym. Health House has helped us see there is more to fitness than when you are in the gym. All of this together has impacted our mind and body. 

5. How has Health House impacted your overall health?

Health House has drastically improved our overall health. The instructors we follow have really pushed us over the years to row harder and lift heavier, and the results have been amazing. We feel stronger, healthier, and more in shape than ever. 

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