Crush Together: Ethan & Shanna


We are excited to kick off our member highlight series with one couple that embodies "crushing fitness" together. You can find Ethan & Shanna at our Town Center studio every morning at 5am. Let's get to their story!

Over the years I (Ethan) have developed pretty rough knees from snowboarding, motocross, and soccer all being quite the burden on my knee "health." Before Health House I wouldn't dare go near a rower, treadmill or stair stepper to save my life. Cardio was virtually non-existent.

1. How has working out together bonded you as a couple?

Our mutual love for fitness is something that brought Ethan and I together very early in our relationship, and it has continued to strengthen our bond over the years. I think working out together at Health House specifically has bonded us on a different level because we not only get to experience those super challenging workouts side-by-side, but we have also made some awesome friends that we enjoy seeing inside & outside of HH as well. 


2. What do you love about working out together?

I love working out together for so many different reasons. First of all, it's so much easier to crawl out of bed at 5 am when he is waking up to workout too! I struggle when that alarm goes off, but he encourages me to get my butt moving! I have also found that I push myself harder in class when Ethan is around. It's fun watching each other get stronger and starting the day at Health House with a killer workout before we have to part ways and go to work. 

3. Rowing or Weights? What is your fave?

Definitely weights! I could do mat work all day, but the rower wears me out! However, I have made so much progress on the rower, especially recently, and that is such a rewarding feeling! I give all the credit to the amazing instructors and the incredible energy that the other members bring to the 6 am classes. 

Since joining HH I (Ethan) have noticed a huge difference in my overall health which I can give credit to the rowing machine. Over the course of the year, I've lost 15 pounds and have kind of hovered around my current weight for some time now which was a huge benefit. Also, marrying a dietitian obviously has its perks as well.


4. How has Health House impacted your relationship?

Health House has definitely impacted our relationship for the better. It's just one more thing that we have in common, which makes it way more fun. It's fun to workout next to each other, laugh about things that happened in class that morning, and keep up with many of the instructors who have turned into friends! I am extremely thankful that Ethan decided to join HH with me, and I cannot imagine doing anything else for my workouts now! 

5. How has Health House impacted your overall health? 

Health House has motivated me to push myself harder than I ever have. I have always loved working out, and have done so pretty consistently over the years. We both grew up playing sports...I cheered throughout middle & high school, exercised almost daily throughout college and ran a couple half marathons, so exercise has always been a big part of my life.

Health House is a different type of workout than I've ever done. I had really never rowed before coming to HH, and I can tell that it has increased my core strength tremendously. I also find myself picking up heavier weights every few weeks and pushing myself to get stronger because the atmosphere makes it so easy to do so. Everyone here is supportive and cheering each other on, which makes it so fun and motivating.

"Having a positive environment to workout in truly makes all the difference. Exercise doesn't feel like a chore when you go to HH; it's something I look forward to every day, especially since I have Ethan there with me."

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