5 Reasons Why...

Written by: Rebecca Marie Blog


5 Reasons I Chose Health House

1. Culture

They say you are who your friends are. Well, I would imagine the same is true when you’re talking about fitness partners as well. The culture at HH is simple – You come to kill your workout, and then go and kill it at work. HH members are your local BA peeps who don’t believe in excuses. They motivate me. The 5:30a and 6a classes are always PACKED. People are grinding before the sun even comes up, and they grind all day after. I’d like to be more like them, so I try to spend as much time as I can with them. Without even knowing it, they make me better.

2. Energy

Immediately when you enter HH you get that pregame feeling – Your adrenaline is pumping, you get in the right mindset and you’re ready to put in work. Your tired drive in is a thing of the past – It’s game time. Music blaring, trainers shouting with encouragement, high fives given to strangers – You’re home. One look at the Health House Instagram and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

3. Accountability

The other week I was overwhelmed by my to-do list. I was about to leave for a trip and I had so many errands to run – I didn’t think I was going to have time for the class I signed up for the week before. I actually went into my app (seen below) to cancel the class, but it was within 24 hours of the class so I wasn’t able to cancel. The app basically acted as a best friend saying, “Becca stop making excuses and get your booty to the gym.” How cool is that?! I ended up going, sweating out my stress, and feeling refreshed to finish the rest of my to-do list.

4. Encouragement

The trainers at HH are truly one of a kind. They know your name. They know your limits. They know what you’re able to overcome. They want to help you reach your goals, and they make a point to be a positive part of your fitness journey.

5. Community

It’s been so much fun making new friends at HH. There’s a sense of unity. We’re all in it together – Grinding together, sweating together, struggling together, overcoming together. For many, often before the sun even rises. It’s a key factor that makes you feel welcome when you arrive and excited to come back when you’re away.

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